Today's Surprise baG!

a fun way ofsaving bread from waste

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For a while now, a close source showed me all the discount bread she's been buying from German bakery Bäcker Schluter using this Too Good to Go app- now, I want to share how fun you can have.

There are probably hundreds of thousands of companies participating in Too Good to Go, an app that tells you when a nd where to buy discounted goods- that are still very good!

For about $5, and for a limited span of time, you compete with others to pre-purchase a random bag (value of $10-$15) to pick up among a select 2 or 3 only minutes before the end of the next business day. You must act fast or someone else will buy it ahead of you! But win a Surprise Bag and you get bread for dinner, breakfast or lunch! Too Good to Go app is waiting for you now- save money while saving food from going to waste today!

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