insight from a round trip

What about a brand gives it an appeal beyond its consumerist exterior? What takeaways can streamline the graphic designer’s brand UX? We graphic designers market ourselves as easy to spot and contact to solve client problems.


Takeaway 01: Offer your potential client value at each contact point!


Newly moved to Germany by way of Los Angeles, I had the recent experience of returning to purchase a third adapter and new hdmi cable here at the Hamburg-based Saturn Electronics store.


The first to arrive and await the store open today, I immediately came across the sales associate helping me locate items the previous day. He asked how the purchase worked out and referred me to the right department on this visit without missing a beat.


The associate taught me that approaching the consumer as a solutions-focused provider means infusing a human touch while remaining “on the ground” with the individual’s budgetary needs.


Remaining grounded to our client’s needs will help us navigate their project to-do concerns while providing value at rates that mutually honor your time and theirs. It’s a cross-business lesson to take to heart in this global marketing age.


J.E. Burton is a graphic designer and copywriter based in Halstenbek, Germany.

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